About Graham


Why is Legislative District 16 important?


District 16 is right at the heart of the  residential and commercial center of the Treasure Valley. Our district  has a great deal of significance and influence in the decisions made on  the state level. I am running on the ideals that our district values:  the need for a robust vibrant economy, educational values, and strong  neighborhoods.


Voters deserve someone they can trust. With me, what you see is what you get.


I am a husband and a father who goes to  work every day for the same reasons you do, and I experience the same  challenges. We all want an opportunity to succeed and be treated  equally, to be unhindered in our pursuit of happiness.

The strengths that make me who I am are  my family and my experiences. My wife of 24 years, Sparkle, is my  closest friend and confidant. We are blessed with 5 beautiful children.

I am extremely proud of our oldest  daughter, Elizabeth, who served our country as an officer in the Oregon  National Guard and was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2009 to  2010.

My family and I have chosen to live in  the state that we love. I would like to have the opportunity of working  diligently in the Idaho Legislature to represent our district’s values  and preserve our freedoms and quality of life. I’m always here to listen  and talk and would love to hear all ideas and concerns from any of my  neighbors, or just chat.  As your local representative I will be your  personal friend at the statehouse!


Relevant Leadership

 • Idaho Representative, Advantage Dental
• Vice President and Director, Nampa Meridian Irrigation District
• Current Treasurer and Former Chair, Idaho Oral Health Alliance
• Executive Board Member and Former President, West Bench Neighborhood Association
• Member of the Steering Committee, Idaho State Planning Grant on the Uninsured
• Economic Planner, Economic Development Planning Office, Government of American Samoa
• Treasurer, Harmony Hills Elementary School PTA, Aspen Hills, MD