Former FIrst Lady Of Idaho


Dear Fellow Idahoan,

I am writing to ask your support for Graham Paterson who is running for District 16 House seat B.  Since Junior High Graham has been a good friend and I think he would be a great friend of yours in the Idaho Legislature.

Like you and me, Graham Paterson values families.  Whether working for Morrison Knudsen in Tehran, Iran, or working for Idaho’s congressional delegation in Washington DC, Graham always remembered his roots in Idaho As a lifelong Idahoan Graham knows that Idaho is a great place to raise a family and he wants to work for you to keep it that way.

Graham’s leadership and commitment to his community is evident as former president of the West Bench Neighborhood Association and a Meridian/Nampa Water District Director.  Both elected positions. Additionally, his leadership in the Idaho Oral Health Alliance has distinguished him as the only Chairman that is a non-oral health professional plus, he now serves as Treasurer.  Graham will take the skills he’s developed and honed working locally onto the state level and work for you in the Idaho Legislature.

Graham Paterson’s commitment to family and local issues translates very naturally into a love for education.  With 5 children who have either graduated from or are currently enrolled in public school, Graham is a strong advocate for Idaho’s fine public schools.  Graham supports technological improvements in the classroom, great teachers, and an educational system that puts students and parents first.

The economy is the most important issue for families today.  Graham is employed by a small business called Advantage Dental so he knows the difficulties small and medium size businesses are facing right now. With his experience in the private sector and his graduate level economic studies at the University of Idaho, Graham is very conscious of the economic realities that Idaho faces.  Graham Paterson recognizes how important economic security is to you and your family and will work in the legislature to create and protect jobs in Idaho.

If you care about these issues like Graham and I do please pledge your support and become part of the Paterson for House team today!  Fill out the attached envelope or visit Graham’s website at www.electgraham.com.  Make a financial contribution.  Join our grassroots team.  We appreciate any support you’re able to give.  And don’t forget to vote on November 6! Please stand with me to keep Idaho the place we know and love.  We can elect Graham Paterson for District 16 House Seat B.  He’s the right one for the job!!